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In 2014 I was diagnosed as having multiple mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and alcoholism.
All my life I have been searching for something I just didn't know what it was. That was until I found God and asked Him to take over.

This is my journey as a Christian Woman, Christian Blogger, and how God is helping me and can help you live a life of Christ.


Reality Check

"God's truth about you is the same truth of those who have hurt you." Yup, I said it. #sorrynotsorry I guess I could leave this post at that and be done but I think that would be bad for the algorithms. We are very quick to justify our actions when confronted. I mean how dare they say that to me? Don't they know I'm right? They aught to be ashamed. Look at what THEY do. Don't lie, we've all said these things at some point in our lives. Maybe not out loud but definitely in ou