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Reality Check

"God's truth about you is the same truth of those who have hurt you."

Yup, I said it. #sorrynotsorry I guess I could leave this post at that and be done but I think that would be bad for the algorithms.

We are very quick to justify our actions when confronted. I mean how dare they say that to me? Don't they know I'm right? They aught to be ashamed. Look at what THEY do. Don't lie, we've all said these things at some point in our lives. Maybe not out loud but definitely in our minds. We have a theory that no one can read our minds so whatever we think in there is safe and can't hurt anyone. You might be right in that no other human can know what is going on in our heads (and for me that's probably good because it's all kinds of messed up in there). But there is one who does know. God. Yup, he knows your heart but he also knows what is taking up space in your head too. He knows that when you think these things you are taking away from your relationships. Not only with the person whom you are thinking these things but also your relationship with him.

I don't know if you are a parent reading this, you don't have to be I think the message will still get my point across.

I have 3 boys. One is an adult and has moved out on his own but I still have two at home. And not only are they boys, they are twin boys. One is 4 whole minutes older than the other and though he is the smaller of the two he is quick to point that out. He's the older brother. We all know that birth order is of utmost importance when you are establishing your role in the family; but imagine if you will that there is only 4 minutes difference between you and the only other sibling in the house. It creates a dynamic that would give Freud nightmares.

Brothers fight, I get it. I see it on the daily and my husband is quick to let me know it's normal, he and his brother fought as children too. But one thing that I always tell both children depending on who is the aggressor. Under no circumstances are you allowed to hurt my child either with words or with your hands (feet, teeth, toys, boards, etc)

The rules are the same for everyone. I won't let anyone hurt them physically or emotionally if I can help it and that includes them. I love them both, with all of my heart. I love them differently because despite the fact that they are identical twins (clones as we like to say) they are two very different kids. This is the same way God looks at us. When we hurt one of his children whether it be with our words, thoughts or our bodies he hurts. He is a loving and forgiving father, he loves us through our hard times, our confused where do I fit in times and all times in between. This is true for you and it is true for those who have hurt you.

It is a lesson I have had to learn myself. How could God love that person after what they did to me? Well me, how can he love you after what you did to that person you just said hurtful things too? Have you not overstepped your role? Have you not in your life played the role of God? Deciding someone else's worthiness?

I know I have. If he can forgive me and love me in spite of my human nature, can he not also forgive and love that person who hurt you?

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