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6 Ways to Show Respect for your Husband

Many women demand respect and expect certain behaviours from their spouse and are quick to throw it in their faces when they don't get what they think they deserve from them. But how many women realize that they are not doing the same thing for their husbands. Everyone is quick to say "I'll respect you when you show me some respect." But in that situation, no one will get the respect they desire unless or until one of them puts their pride in check and makes the change.

One thing that made it easy for me to make the decision to leave Facebook was the constant status updates from the women on my news feed berating, belittling and being generally mean to and about their husbands. That is until fathers day if they have children or their anniversary/birthday if the significant other did something nice for them. If they didn't well; let's just say the status becomes less than lady like in most cases.

I am not a perfect wife, that I will admit right up front. I do, however, do a lot of things for my husband at our home as well as when we are in public whether that be online or out and about with others that show him that I respect the man he is and am not looking to change him. If I wanted someone else, then I would have married someone else right? Cause as much as you don't want your partner to change you, they don't want you do try to make them into someone else either.

So here are 6 easy things you can start doing today to build your husband up and show him and others that you respect the person God made him to be.

Give Him Complements It may feel awkward at first and he might think you are up to something but give him a complement once in a while. after all you like it when you get complemented by him right? I like your hair that way, that shirt looks really nice on you.

Encourage His Interests Even if you aren't into them. My husband is very politically minded; he loves reading about it, vlogging about it, and talking to me about it. I am not so interested; however, when he talks to me about something, I listen. I ask questions even if I may not understand the answer. When I do this he is more likely to listen to me when I talk about plants.

Buy Him a Gift It doesn't have to be expensive. Just make sure it is something that he would actually want, need or use.

I recently found a book about a political figure I know my husband likes at our local library book sale. It cost me a whole 50 cents but he loved it and thanked me for thinking about him and getting it for him.

DON'T Broadcast His Slip-ups No matter how much they devastated you. Social media is not the place to air your dirty laundry. If you need that boost of adoration from your 'tribe' find something else to talk about. Maybe something you accomplished that was hard. Don't go on about "how he messed up again". An issue in a marriage is never one sided, no one is ever 100% to blame.

Say Thank-You When your husband does something nice for you, even if it is something you have been asking him to do for days, weeks, months. Just say thank you for doing that for me. Don't follow it up with "finally".

Remember You are Not his Mother

He has a mother, she is married to his father he doesn't need another one. You are his wife so act like it. God made women to walk along side man. He made it so that the man leaves his home and starts a family with his wife. If he wants to wear plaid and stripes at the same time, so be it. If he didn't put the toothpaste back just pick it up for him. He doesn't want to be nagged about every little thing. You are to build him up in Christ's image not tear him down and make him feel less than. The more you do that, the less he is going to be willing to treat you as the wife you think you deserve to be.

In the end really it comes down to one thing. This one thing will help repair every relationship you ever have. It is true today as the day it was first penned into law.

Respect your husband
The Golden Rule

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